Sleeping places

Everyone who travels has a budget. This budget could be $1000.00 a day or more. Most of the time a travelers budget is much less. Regardless of what type of budget a travel has, the one thing EVERY traveler has in common is a need to sleep somewhere. On this page. I will attempt to focus only on places to sleep. Since I am someone who has a beer budget and champagne taste,some times I have to get creative.

Hotel chains~I am mainly talking about what is scene on TV and ads in magazine. I have stayed in many of these and they are all different. I used to think like that until, one day I checked into a Best Western in San Diego. This was the worst place, I have ever been. They even switched our room, the second day and did not tell us. Then they wondered why I was slightly irritated when I returned and could not get into the room. I ended up calling the Best Western customer number and was told “I am sorry that is a franchise. There is nothing we can do”. After this incident take every hotel on its own merit. Since then I have stay in everything from 5 stars down. I stayed in a Motel 6 in Palm Springs, CA that was more pleasant than a stay in a Marriott in Louisville, KY.

~~~***This page is a continuing work in progress. I intend to put a chart on different hotels/hostels/others very specific to some areas as well as general info. If you would like it before, just message me and I will send it to you.


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