Catoctin Mountain Park

DSC02140Catoctin Mountain Park is a product of the Great Depression of the 1930s. If it was not for Camp David, this park most likely would not be well known. It is small compared to many others, I have been to ( Grand Canyon, Badlands, even Mount Rainier)  It is open all year long. It is in the National Park System.  Between the history (which I will blog later about) and the amazing hikes a person can not be bored.

Cunningham Falls State Park, MD

ImageAcross the road from Catoctin Mountain National  Park (the National Park where Camp David is located)  is Cunningham Falls State Park in Maryland. Both parks are beautiful. Both parks have amazing hikes. Image05272013110827I prefer Cunningham Falls simple because I like water related places. The one thing I do not like is having to pay to get in. I am happy to say there is a way around this. It does require a small hike. (It is not a super easy hike, however I think it is feasible for most people.) Park your car at the Catoctin Mountain Visitor Center and cross the street leading into the park. About .25 of a mile you will see signs to the Falls. It is about a 3 hour round trip. The most important thing to remember about this hike is when you come to the T on the trail, go left (downhill), if you go right (uphill) you will end up at Camp David.