Bucket List

For the past few days, I have had the opportunity to read many of my fellow travel bloggers, travel buck lists. I have enjoyed them all. I have also been inspired to create my own. By no means is this the full list. I doubt I will ever have a full list.

  1. Go inside the coliseum
  2. Vatican City
  3. Take a hike on the Isle of Skye
  4. Go camping in Acadia National Park.
  5. Train tour of Alaska
  6. Drive the Pan-American Highway
  7. Attend Mass at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in NYC
  8. Take the Trans-Mongolian train
  9. Cruise the Greek Isles
  10. Hawaii
  11. Go sailing in Cape Cod
  12. London by Night tour
  13. Ayers Rock
  14. Vietnam
  15. Walk along a beach in Jamaica
  16. Walking safari in Kenya
  17. Hike Hadrian’s wall
  18. Complete the  PCT
  19. Ride an elephant in Thailand
  20. Walking tour of Quebec
  21. Go inside the Kremlin
  22. Take a motorcycle ride across Canada
  23. Sleep under the stars at Joshua Tree
  24. Snap a photo of the Mermaid Statue
  25. Travel along the Silk Road
  26. Stand on a corner in Winslow, AZ
  27. Swim in the Dead Sea
  28. Sail up the Mekong
  29. Spend one night at the Ritz Carlton in London
  30. Drive a mini car on Catalina Island
  31. Walk among the RedWoods
  32. Bridge Climb in Sydney
  33. Walk through downtown in Hong Kong
  34. Normandy
  35. Visit Deer Isle, ME in the fall.

Did I forget anything? I don’t know. Does anyone have something awesome they would like to do?


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