In this section, I am going to detail airports. I am going to speak about my experiences and what I have researched and heard from my friends. Please comment about any airport experience  you have had good or bad. It is good for travelers to know airport details along with the destinations, especially now a days with airlines over booking.

My favorite airport is Kuala Lumpur International Airport in Malaysia. It is a city in itself. There are more choices of activities than in some small towns. It is very easy to have a 5 hour layover, take a shower, get some internet/phone time, shopping, massage and a decent meal. With a 6 hour layover, a person can easily go into Kuala Lumpur and explore a little. The airport is very easy to explore. There are maps everywhere. It even appears to have a small part of the rain forest in it. I ask, with an airport like this, how can a person not relax?


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