Traveling for film locations (Hong Kong )

DSC02390Everyone has different reasons for the places they visit. The reason could be anything from my friend/family lives there to being interested in the local history/culture to just the fun of it or anywhere in-between. This past summer I visited several places for varies reasons. One place I choose was Hong Kong. One of my main reasons for going to Hong Kong as I had seen it in several movies. Don’t get me wrong there were other reasons; however, having seen the city in films was my primary. One of my favorite movies is William Holden’s “The World Of Suzie Wong” This movie has so many street scenes, I could not help but get curious.
“The World of Suzie Wong”, was partly filmed on a Star Ferry. The Star Ferries still carry passengers from Kowloon and Hong Kong. It is a very exciting ferry ride. Star Ferries carry over 70,000 people across Victoria Harbour a day. Currently there are twelve different ferries in operation.
It was very interesting to see how Hong Kong was different than in the movie. I know it is suppose to be different. I also know some of the landmarks should still be the same.
imagesI know I am not the only one that does this. I may go more extreme than a normal person, but oh well. Hong Kong was just a spring board to seeing locations. I already have several Bronte filming locations planned. I also have a particular television show I am aiming to see the outside of the studio locations. 🙂


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