Working Vacation

One of the things I like to do when I travel is to turn the trip into a working vacation. That way, I can spend more time in the region. This summer, I took a job selling coffee at the top of a mountain in a National Park in WA (Since I have not been to orientation I am not going to mention the park by name~some jobs don’t like to be blogged about). After sitting around in the June snow trying to decide what to blog about, my roommate suggested blogging about my experience here.Before she came she searched the internet for information about working her; nothing.Hopefully, this will be informative for someone next year. (I hope to add the name of the park after orientation, if allowed. If not, i will add the name when I leave WA).

Last March, I signed a five month contract to work at a National Park in WA to work in a cafe at the top of a mountain. Most people who know me realize that this is the perfect job, given I LOVE coffee and the outdoors. The pay is not too great; however the experience out weighs that.

When I got here, I was only scheduled eight hours my first week. I expected a few more given that I have $50.00 a week taken out for food and $30.00 taken out for housing. Honestly, I expect my first check to be in the negative. Fortunately, the second week, I managed to get myself as the closer and have my hours guaranteed.

After my initial training hours, I had three days off. I went hiking and hiking and hiking. I hiked in the snow, then went down the mountain about a mile and hiked in the lush green trees.

I am going to attempt to blog about this experience off and one during the summer. As soon as I know if I am allowed I will fill in the name of the park.


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