The Kennebunks

I had 4 days in a row off from work. I do not know how that happened. It just did. Anyone who knows me, knows that just says go somewhere. I definitely did. I went to the Kennebunks in Maine. It is only an 9-11 hour drive from where I live (time depending on NYC traffic). When I first looked at the map, I hesitated about the drive. Then I said “why not”. The weather was even going to be in the mid-60s. The drive really did not seem that long. The Kennebunks are in Southern Maine on the coast. Most people probably have heard of it, given President H.W. Bush has a house there on walker point. As you can see by this picture it is not a bad place. Being it is November, It is low season. Everything up in this area was cheap. Granted, somethings were not open; however, it was okay. I only had a limited amount of time. Since it was low season, there were not a lot of crowds. I think I was one of ten tourists not from New England. In the course of 2 days, I went to 3 beaches, took a fantastic hike, walked along the water front, did a little window shopping and had the best MOST FANTASTIC lobster roll I have ever had. The lobsters in this area are probably some of the best in the world to eat, and fresh as possible. I am not a big meat-eater, but there is just something about eating a fresh catch.

One of my favourite things about this area is the location. On my way home, I drove down the coast. I had some beautiful views and even stopped by a lighthouse ( I love lighthouses and Maine is the reason). If you ever have the opportunity to go to Maine~ DO IT!! It is so worth the trip.


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