Mammoth Cave National Park

Last weekend, I went to Kentucky to do some genealogy research. I spent Saturday night in Louisville. The next day my friend, Kelly said she would spend her Sunday helping me gather information on my family. I thought that spending the entire day looking for my family history might bore here. I suggested checking out Mammoth Caves for a few hours. We both like to learn and are very much into nature. Mammoth Caves is a World Heritage Site (since 1981), a United States National Park (since 1926) and a core area of an International Biosphere Reserve (since 1990). Kelly was up for it. We decided to stop at Mammoth Caves for a few hours.

Many tours are offered. There seems to be a tour offered for every experienced caver. Given that we were short on time. We took the Discovery Tour. It is self-guided and only 3/4th of a mile. It seemed good and not very time-consuming. To our delight, there were only a few people. This cave was very easy to navigate and the path was very easy to follow.

                After taking the Discovery tour, we took a very small hike. Aside from a beautiful forest, we saw several animals. I was able to get very close to some deer. Kelly and I spent 2 ½ hours in the park. It was just enough time to get a sense of it. Now I want to return and spend at least a week.

If you are someone who loves National Parks, Caving, or just nature in general; I recommend checking this place out.


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