Kentucky Horse Park

If you love horses, this is the place for you.  There is something for everyone. The International Museum of the Horse, a Smithsonian affiliate, offers a detailed history of horses.  There are many opportunities to interact with the horses. There are tours and shows. There are even trail rides.

When I arrived I was greeted by a very sweet cashier. The cashier explained the way the park worked. There were many chooses. In fact, there are so many chooses, it is hard to find a place to start. I ended up taking a trolley tour (free with admission) and a self-guided tour.

A moment during the self-guided tour really got my attention. I witnessed a staff being incredibly awesome to a visitor. I overheard a lady ask for advice on how to stop being nervous around horses. The staff member immediately went to a stall and took out a very large horse. This horse looked about 18 hands. Then the staff member explained to the lady how gentle the horse was. After a while, the lady reached out and touched the horse. I could see from across the barn how much less nervous the lady was becoming. Watching this, just made me want to stay longer and visit again.

The horse park has an area designed for trail rides. There are horses here for everyone. If a person has never ridden, there are horses here that make carousels look dangerous. Then on the other hand there are horses with spirit here for the experienced rider. I would also have to say $22.00 is a fantastic price to spend some time riding.

               Although, I only spent three hours here; it was well worth it. I found a new favourite place with unlimited potential. I am already planning my trip back.


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