When I speak to someone who has been to Bermuda, I always ask: how did you get there? So far the answer has always been via cruise. This was one of the primary reasons I decided to fly. In my experience, a location that is frequented by cruise ships has some awesome out of the way places. Bermuda is no exception. I just did not expect the tourist places to be just as fascinating.

On the first day, I checked into my room. I found out exactly how well located my room was. I went for a walk. Granted it was Friday night and all the businesses were about to close and get ready for the weekend festivities. Fortunately, I read up a little and knew that I needed to dress a little for the nightlife. To my delight; the hotel next to my room, The Princess, had a very well organized Happy Hour (or should I say~ Happy Night^^). I was able to try a delicious Bermuda drink, the Dark n Stormy. I took a walk. I spoke to some locals about offbeat places to explore. I have to say that this island has some of the friendliest people.

The next day, I went to the ferry office and bought my two-day ferry/bus pass.  I took I ferry ride around the harbor. Then I hoped on another boat and headed toward Dockyard. Dockyard is one of the major docks for the cruise ships. My original intent was to start at Dockyard and work my way back to Hamilton. As with most of my intentions, it was a good idea but did not work out that way.

Dockyard has the National Museum of Bermuda. Within the National Museum of Bermuda there is a place to play with dolphins; Dolphin Quest. Dolphin Quest has seven of the most adorable dolphins. There are five adults and two babies. My favorite is Marlee. I sat and watched the dolphins for a good part of an hour. This is after spending an hour strolling around the museum. After leaving the facility, I just started walking around. Every street turned into an adventure. Also, I was so enchanted by the water, I spent a little time just gazing into the ocean. I have no idea where the time went. It was 8pm before I got back on the ferry to Hamilton. The next day, Sunday, I had set aside for the beach and water activities.

I started the day off back in Dockyard at Snorkel Park Beach. The snorkeling here is amazing. I spent four hours in the water before it dawned on me how long I had been there. It took me another couple of hours before I got motivated to leave the beach. Honestly, I left because I got hungry and did not want to pay the beach prices. I think I noticed when it turned 5 o’clock. I went back to my room changed for dinner and went back to my favorite hotel bar.

Although, I only spent 72 hours on the island, I can completely understand why people return again and again.  I know one day I will return.


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