Bermuda on a Budget

A person might wonder why a budget conscience person like me would opt to go to Bermuda. Bermuda is a place known for being expensive all the way around. I have to admit I liked the challenge and it surely was a challenge. The plane ticket was the easiest to get cheap. I just used a credit I earned last year. The room was a little more challenging; I shopped for two months to find the right one. I looked into the possibly of staying in a hostel. After discovering hostels do not seem to exist on the island. I looked for other options. After looking at several hotels and lodging accommodation choices, I decided to go with an agency that rented out guest houses; Bermuda Rentals. When I found Bermuda Rentals, I got very excited. Not only had I found a room for $95 a night, I found an organization that would give me the heads up on Bermuda. They even recommended a driver to pick me up at the airport.

I emailed the recommended driver. He emailed back asking for more info. Someone at Bermuda Rentals emailed it back and CC me. I thought that was cool. Seven days later, I emailed the driver, only the have me email the same question to me. I tried to explain that Bermuda Rentals sent the email. It was not until I forward the really first email to him that he stopped arguing with me. In the last email he apologized and said it turns out he had a cancelation and could pick me up after all. I said why not, I had him pick me up. He was late. He explained there was an accident. He was entertaining. He even stopped by a grocery store. When he dropped me off, he said he or a person that worked for him would pick me up at 1:00 on my departure day. No one showed up. I ended up walking down the street to a major hotel and grabbing a taxi. This taxi ride was $15.00 cheaper than the first and this is counting the “discount” the recommended driver gave me.

Aside from the driver the place was pretty charming. It was a bit more than I expected. It was in a spectacular place. (The picture to the left is taken from my room.) There were even snacks in the room. In fact the room was so charming; I did not mind the few black ants. The owners of this rental were the dearest people I have ever met. The lady even let me stay until I had to catch my taxi to the airport. If given a choice between this place and one without the ants, I would choose this place again in a heartbeat. The recommended driver, I would not choose.

The place was a reasonable price by US standards. The taxi rides, I was not too happy with; however, I expected it. On Bermuda, only locals can drive cars and motorbikes are not my cup of tea. The thing I was not expecting was the price of food. WOW. I bought a loaf of cheap white bread and paid $6. A quart of milk was $4.00. I snack size bag of chips was $2.25 (=Wal-Mart .75). Out of curiosity, I went and looked at the Red Bull. That was only $1.75. I ended up blowing my food budget out of the water within the first day.

To my delight transportation (aside from the Taxis) was very cheap. I bought a two day ferry/bus pass for only $20.00. This covered the whole island.

Other than the bare essentials it seems like Bermuda can be done in a few days on a moderate budget.


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