Black Moshannon

Last week, I picked up my friend Rebecca and off we went to another PA State Park; Black Moshannon. Black Moshannon is located in what is considered the Pennsylvania wilds. The park covers over 3,000 acres of forest and wetlands. This park  has the most beautifully tranquil tea-colored waters.

Rebecca and I had no trouble finding the park. We had a basic map and followed road signs. At first, the park did not look very big. We parked the car. I went into a small shop and got a trial map.

Since Rebecca is not too keen on heights, we chose the Lake Loop trail. What a disappointment. I had expected a trail a little more defined than this one. At least a few more signs would have been better. We walked around a little more than and was about to give up on the place, when I noticed a place on the map with a big camera. The map just said scenic view. Not wanting this park to be a waste, we went there. To my delight it was fantastic. This was where the wetlands were. For a moment~ it seemed as though Rebecca and I were in Florida. Rebecca even remarked on the similarities to the Everglades. I think the pictures express how truly magnificent this place is.

I learned two  very big lessons that day..Never judge a book by its cover and always get a trail map.


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