PA State Parks- the beginning

A week ago (give or take a day), my friend and I decided to take a small road trip for some hiking and/or adventure. The previous week I was looking around the PA Welcome center and found a book on Bedford County, PA. It looked like it could be interesting~we packed some snacks and a whole lot of water and off we went. We decided to take a back road (I am not a fan of driving on the turnpike). The route took us over a high mountain, I got to drive through a cloud and see a fox, a deer and several random birds. When we arrived in Bedford County (two counties away); we almost immediately ran into this very large quarter. I have seen gigantic things on the side of the road out west; this was the first time in the East. It was a nice surprise. After the quarter came Shawnee State Park. At first glance it was very easy to see that the park was very well taken care of. We walked around the lake. We saw numerous different wildlife.We walked the Lakeshore trail. Yes, it was a very easy trail but still relaxing.

                                                                      After Shawnee State park, we wandered around Bedford for a little while and ran into a very large coffee pot.

Then we went off to find Trough Creek. Trough Creek was not anything like Shawnee. Trough Creek is a bit more rug-get. Do not get me wrong, I like Trough Creek as much as Shawnee, but for different reasons. Trough Creek brings out the adventure side of me. For anyone who wants to feel like they have disappeared for a while~ Go to Trough Creek.

One of the best parts of this whole day is my friend and I spent a combined total of less than $40.00. That includes food, gas, and a drink at a pub.


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