London =$$$$???

Every year, I go to London. I go see family. I go see friends. Regardless of my reason, I always hear the question; Isn’t London expensive. My answer is sometimes. If a person rents a car, gets a hotel room and eats primarily in restaurants then yes London is expensive. However if a person opts for the tube (TravelCard), gets a room in a hostel and prepares his or her own food in the hostel’s kitchen then the trip costs go way down. I am not saying this will make London cheap; however it will make it a lot more easy on the wallet.

I friend of mine told me about a hostel near St. Pauls Cathedral. This hostel is so well located. I walked to many of the places I wanted to see. Last year, I stayed here. I spent less than 50 pounds a day on room and board. I am the type of person, when I go somewhere a bed is a bed. I am not there for the bed. I am there for the city, town, etc.

My favourite thing to do when I first get into London (and places I have never been) is take a Hop on Hop off bus tour (The Original Tour London Sightseeing is my favourite). I pick it out just outside of the Ritz Carlton. This helps me get rid of my jet lag and see what changes the city has had since I was last there. There is nothing worse then planning to go somewhere, spending the money and/or time to get there and finding out that it was a waste of time/money. The best part of the bus tour is it is good for the day.

I am not saying London is cheap. If you want cheap head towards Asia. I am saying London can be enjoyable without killing your wallet.



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