Sometimes, it’s the journey

Every trip that has a destination has a journey to get to the destination. Especially with the current economy and the ever rising price of gas, travelers are forced to take modes of transportation other than their car. This was the case for me last month. I wanted to go to Canada. Living in the Washington D.C. doesn’t exactly make that a cheap/easy task. One day I was on Facebook and noticed a post from a friend that had recently taken a MegaBus from DC to Toronto. I really wasn’t sure what to expect, the only bus I have ever taken in North America was Greyhound. 7 of my 9 experiences on Greyhound were not very pleasant. My friend (who loves to travel and is very attentive to his money) appeared to have a pleasant experience. I checked out the website. I put in my info. The website then came back with a round trip price of $10.50. How can I pass that up? Like most people I put up for a lot to save money. To my surprise, the trip wasn’t bad. The bus was pretty clean, there was leg room and outlets. The bus even had Wi-fi. In both directions, I met awesome people. I got recommendations to places to eat and visit. I even added one to my Facebook family.


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