Cata-al War Memorabilia Museum, Philippines


This past summer, I visited a friend in Dumaguete, Philippines. On the outskirts of the city is Valencia. In Valencia there is a house that has an amazing collection World War II memorabilia. This collection is in what could be called a garage. The owner of the collection found the majority of the collection in the jungles of Mt. Talinis. Felix’s father was a World War II prisoner . Felix explained to my friend and I DSC02544that he started collecting when he was about five years old. However, it was not until 1983, that Felix’s efforts really started. (In 1983, Japan officially ended their efforts to locate missing soldiers). If you are ever on Negros Oriental, this is very worth the visit. The fee is only a donation.

Blarney Stone

ImageIn 2002, I had the fortune of finding my way to the Blarney Stone. The stone is in the tower of the Blarney Castle, in Cork, Ireland. It has been there since about 1446. There is a legend surrounding the stone. Anyone who kisses it, the stone endows the kisser with the gift of the gab (great eloquence or skill at flattery). My tour guide told us that President Bill Clinton has kissed it twice. If this fact is true, that explains a lot. 



Top Ten Memorable Travel Moments

Here are my top ten memorable moments. This list is not in any particular order.

1. I took a ferry ride in the Philippines. This ferry had duct tape plugging up leaks. The movie on the ferry was, “The Perfect Storm”

2. I was on an overnight bus going from Cusco, Peru to Arequipa, Peru and my seat mate started screaming in his sleep. This caused two of my travel companions to dart up out of their seats and hit their heads on the roof of the bus.

3. I fell of the top bunk on a train going from Vienna, Austria to Warsaw, Poland, three times.

4. My friends and I missed the last bus back to out hostel while celebrating New Years Eve in Trafalgar Square in London. We ended up walking from there to Earls Court.

5. I witnessed my bus driver in South Korea drive in his sleep.

6. Getting up graded on a Northwest flight (for free) after I missed my Delta flight.

7. Walking around Boston Common at 3AM.

8. I particularly liked the ferry ride from Hong Kong to Macau. Tip: When there are seat belts present on a ferry…use them.

9. Kissing the Blarney Stone.

10. I found it rather amusing that a strange man told me I was odd because I was traveling alone on a midnight train in the middle of Eastern Europe.

Traveling for film locations (Hong Kong )

DSC02390Everyone has different reasons for the places they visit. The reason could be anything from my friend/family lives there to being interested in the local history/culture to just the fun of it or anywhere in-between. This past summer I visited several places for varies reasons. One place I choose was Hong Kong. One of my main reasons for going to Hong Kong as I had seen it in several movies. Don’t get me wrong there were other reasons; however, having seen the city in films was my primary. One of my favorite movies is William Holden’s “The World Of Suzie Wong” This movie has so many street scenes, I could not help but get curious.
“The World of Suzie Wong”, was partly filmed on a Star Ferry. The Star Ferries still carry passengers from Kowloon and Hong Kong. It is a very exciting ferry ride. Star Ferries carry over 70,000 people across Victoria Harbour a day. Currently there are twelve different ferries in operation.
It was very interesting to see how Hong Kong was different than in the movie. I know it is suppose to be different. I also know some of the landmarks should still be the same.
imagesI know I am not the only one that does this. I may go more extreme than a normal person, but oh well. Hong Kong was just a spring board to seeing locations. I already have several Bronte filming locations planned. I also have a particular television show I am aiming to see the outside of the studio locations. 🙂

Catoctin Mountain Park

DSC02140Catoctin Mountain Park is a product of the Great Depression of the 1930s. If it was not for Camp David, this park most likely would not be well known. It is small compared to many others, I have been to ( Grand Canyon, Badlands, even Mount Rainier)  It is open all year long. It is in the National Park System.  Between the history (which I will blog later about) and the amazing hikes a person can not be bored.